The NGO Development Center Holds an Event to Present and Disseminate the Resource Kit of the Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct | NDC

The NGO Development Center Holds an Event to Present and Disseminate the Resource Kit of the Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct

On February 7, 2009, the NGO Development Center (NDC) held an event to present and disseminate the resource kit of the Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct. The event targeted NGOs that were signatories to the Code, However, non-signatories took part, whereby they signed the Code at the event and received the Kit. Over 180 NGOs representing various sectors and governorates in the West Bank attended the event.

 Mr. Ghassan Kasabreh, NDC Director, opened the event by welcoming the attendees and empathized on the importance of applying the principles and values of the Code which was voluntarily signed by more than 500 NGOs from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Applying the Code serves to fulfill the objectives of good governance values and principles which will contribute to strengthening and sustaining NGOs and ensures quality services to the community.  Rasha Salah Eddin, Project Coordinator, presented the content of the resource kit and highlighted the important role it plays in assisting Palestinian NGOs to comply with the Code principles. She then, explained the utilization of the resource kit’s various guidelines which will eventually help NGOs improve their performance to better achieve their goals. In addition to the Administrative, Financial and Strategic Planning Manuals, the resource kit includes specialized guidelines on various topics such as the Palestinian Labor Law, Charitable and Civil Organizations’ Law, etc. Moreover, Ms. Salah Eddin, discussed a complimentary component of the Sector Development Program which includes the training of 60 NGOs, thus far, on the Code principles and preparing technical support programs.  Mr. Isam El Arori, spoke on behalf of the Palestinian Code of Conduct Coalition, and reiterated the importance of the Code and the role of the coalition in developing and promoting it. The Coalition is comprised of various NGO Networks and Unions in Palestine, namely, the Palestinian General Union for Charitable Societies, the Palestinian NGO Network, the National Institute for Palestinian NGOs, and the Palestinian General Union for NGOs in Gaza. The Palestinian Code of Conduct Coalition was initiated and established by the NGO Development Center in 2007.  During the event, Hassan Hamarsha, the Palestinian NGO Portal (Masader) Coordinator, presented in brief the Portal, a NDC project initiated in 2005, and its various services. Mr. Hanarsha added that Masader specializes in serving and empowering the NGO sector through assisting NGOs in overcoming geographical limitations and providing them with opportunities for communication amongst each other and among other relevant parties. He also mentioned, that Masader is the first of its kind specialized portal in Palestine that serves the NGO sector, and currently includes 450 member NGOs from the West Bank and Gaza. At the end of the presentation, he encouraged all NGOs to join Masader and to become members.  These activities are part of the World Bank funded Palestinian NGO III Project which started in 2007 for the duration of three years. The funding is directed towards the NGO sector in the form of granting schemes and capacity building aimed at improving the effectiveness, self-reliance and sustainability of civil society.