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NGO Development Center

The NGO Development Center (NDC) is the largest Palestinian organization of its kind working hand-in-hand with Palestinian NGOs, local cooperatives, and community development organizations to improve the delivery of services to the disaffected and build a more capable, responsive Palestinian civil society.

The Palestinian NGO Portal Brochure

Established by the NGO Development Center (NDC), the Palestinian NGO Portal (Masader) is the first and unprecedented NGO Portal in Palestine and in the Arab world. Masader specializes in serving and empowering the NGO sector in terms of assisting NGOs in overcoming geographic limitations and providing them with opportunities for communicating amongst each other and among other relevant parties.

Human Rgihts/Good Governance Website Brochure

In July 2008, several European donors – namely Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands – entrusted the NGO Development Centre (NDC) with the establishment and management of the Human Rights and Good Governance (HR/GG) Secretariat. The HR/GG Secretariat provides a mechanism to more effectively manage the donors’ long-standing commitment to human rights and good governance.