Annual/Audit Reports | NDC

Annual/Audit Reports

2022 Annual Report

The annual report highlights NDC’s 2022 programmes and accomplishments and specifically its role in achieving SDGs. The report also presents success stories from partner organizations. In this report you will first come across a glance of our impact in figures and a summary of our 2022 achievements. The report will then take a deeper look into our programmes and projects.

2021 Annual Report

Over the course of 2021, NDC continued to provide the necessary resources and support to Palestinian NGOs in order to advance and empower them to build a more effective and sustainable civil society, raise their level of performance to respond to the growing needs and challenges, and create a significant impact on the communities they serve.

2020 Annual Report

The NDC is considered to be among the largest Palestinian organizations who cooperate with Palestinian NGOs and community development organizations to improve the quality of services delivered in marginalized areas where there is an absence or a shortage of services.

2019 Annual Report

Throughout 2019, the NGO Development Center (NDC) continued its efforts towards further growth, progress, and the provision of financial and technical support to Palestinian NGOs. NDC has worked simultaneously on maintaining a balanced approach towards the development of the NGO sector as a whole.