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Human Rights Programme

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The Human Rights Programme is guided primarily by Sweden’s development Cooperation Strategy for Palestine, and particularly by the objective in support area one: Strengthened democracy, improved gender equality and greater respect for human rights, and its sub-areas: a) Strengthened, more transparent and democratically governed public Palestinian institutions b) Greater freedom of expression, including free and independent media c) more effective accountability mechanisms, including a more viable and pluralistic civil society d) Increased political influence and greater enjoyment of human rights for women and children e) Improved conditions for the provision of basic health services.


The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to the effective realization of adherence to human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL) In Palestine and to influence the behaviour of the relevant local duty bearers, including Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the de-facto government in Gaza, as well as to influence the behaviour of actors within the international community.


The main objective of the Fund is to provide core support to organisations that can demonstrate having the competence and capacity to contribute to real and sustainable change towards achieving the overall objective of the programme.