NGO Development Center Organized an Event to Draw Prizes for the Second Competition on the NGO Sector | NDC

NGO Development Center Organized an Event to Draw Prizes for the Second Competition on the NGO Sector

The NGO Development Center (NDC) held an event in its offices in Al-Ram and Gaza on Thursday, October 4, 2010 to draw prizes for the second competition on the NGO sector, which the center has organized in Ramadan through its Palestinian Portal "Masader". Mr. Sadeq Farwana, General Manager of Al-Wasata Company for Securities Exchange, and Mr. Suliman Al Radwan, Deputy Director, in Gaza, attended the prize drawing together with the NDC’s staff of both Gaza and Al-Ram.

Mr. Ghassan Kasabreh, NDC Director, pointed out that the competition initiated by the NDC for the second time aims at increasing knowledge of all the different sectors of society on human rights as well as increasing the number of the Portal users, and present their traditional products. Moreover, the competition aims at strengthening the partnership between private and civil sector through jointly sponsoring the competition.


Mr. Kasabreh thanked the civil organizations and companies for sponsoring the competition. These companies were: Al-Wasata Company for Securities Exchange, Right to Live Society, Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange, Society of In"ash Al-Usra, Al-Mahabba Child Care Society, and Biddo Center for Women and Children, in addition to a prize presented by Mrs. Rasha Salah Alddin.


 Mr. Hasan Hamarsheh –the coordinator of the Palestinian Portal- said that the questions of the competition were distributed daily with three multiple choices. The center selected a committee to observe the competition. The chance to participate in the competition and review the answers was open during Ramadan and the number of participants reached a hundred.


 At the end of the event, participants drew the names of the winners of the competition"s 10 prizes. The winners were: Fadi Tayseer Hamed, Awwad Fadeel Al-Salaymeh, Musa Fadeel Al-Salaymeh, Bassem Khader Al-Tamimi, Faisal Musa, Ibrahim Abu Kamesh, Reem Abu Ghosh, Zein Zaid Ziyada, Burhan Fathi Ibrahim Thyab, and Elham Abdel Hafeth Kamel Makhloof.