NDC and AFD sign memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of State at ceremony for innovative pilot project | NDC

NDC and AFD sign memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of State at ceremony for innovative pilot project

On Thursday 22nd of December, the NGO Development Center (NDC) and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) – Palestinian NGO IV Project (PNGO IV) donor – signed a memorandum of understanding with the Palestinian Authority Ministry of State at the Ministry of State Building in Ramallah. The signing was attended by two project partner NGOs – Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation and the East Jerusalem YMCA. This event signifies the beginning of a pilot project aimed at tackling the severe vulnerability of Palestinians living in marginalised areas and in particular the lack of opportunities available to the female population.


 The NDC is proud to implement the fourth Palestinian NGO Project. Focusing on service provision, PNGO IV offers support to the Palestinian NGO sector through the dissemination of grants, targeted organisational capacity building and mentoring schemes. The ‘Improving Livelihoods’ pilot project is an exciting development for the NDC mission. The initiative will facilitate direct responses to livelihood threats and also advance the necessary relationship between the PA and NGO sector. This level of collaboration and synchronised activity is an essential aspect of NDCs development mission.


Ghassan Kasabreh, NDC’s Director, articulated the significance of this agreement: “This pilot project, aimed at the improvement of livelihoods for the most vulnerable members of our community, represents both a significant improvement in the sector’s ability to assist the marginalised, and, the potential for such targeted development to be an integral part of the develop mission of international donor, local NGO and NDC alike. It is, quite simply, testament to the spirit of cooperation”.


The project will support local communities in the process of strengthening and developing vital infrastructure and improving livelihoods. The Riwaq Center’s experience in the process of community development is an essential aspect of this strategy. Working with local community councils, the vision of the pilot project identifies sustainability as the key indicator of success. YMCA’s commitment to the empowerment of communities is well known. They will develop a program of training aimed at improving the ability of local community groups to cope with a variety of livelihood threats. Riwaq Center’s knowledge and YMCA’s empowerment schemes ensure the project is founded in sustainable community knowledge and competence.


The ‘Improving Livelihoods’ pilot project is an innovative approach to cooperation amongst development stakeholders. Bringing together an international donor, the PA and three Palestinian NGOs is an exciting example of how an integrated process of development can be delivered. The NDC is an enthusiastic member of this team and look forward to the implementation of this most important of projects. It is essential that rural and isolated communities suffering most from marginalisation are given the opportunity to construct a sustainable future.