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Empowering Women to Support Their Families

Mrs. Insaf supports a family of 10, living in a house of two rooms. The financial situation of the family is very dire, as her husband suffers from loss of vision due to diabetes and is unable to work. The closures imposed on the Gaza Strip and the lack of a steady income further exacerbates the living situation of Mrs. Insaf and her family.



Through the Ministry of Social Affairs program, Mrs. Insaf was identified as a person in need of support. After meeting her and learning of her skill set, it was discovered that Mrs. Insaf has experience in breeding cows and making cheese since her early childhood when she helped her mother in the profession.  Through providing trainings in financial procedures and marketing, Mrs. Insaf was able to build her micro-business. With the help of a veterinarian, Mrs. Insaf began the process of inspecting the cows she acquired and began the procurement process in accordance with the scheduled plan she developed after receiving her trainings.


The trainings offered to Mrs. Insaf allowed her business to achieve its objective of improving her family’s life and providing a steady source of income.


Mrs. Insaf, “I'm happy with what I am doing now. I've created cheese from cow's milk and sell the cheese in the markets. I have become a productive woman in my society.”


Mrs. Insaf, who holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Geography, represents the success story of a woman who has the will and drive to work and succeed. She has continued her success after receiving the basic support needed and is raising new calves in order to continue supporting her family and making a profit. 


Mrs. Insaf expressed her gratitude to the Gaza Culture and Development Group and the NGO Development Center for making her dream of having her own business a reality.