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Signing Ceremony: Cross-Sectoral Empowerment Grants

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Jul 19 2014
Al-Ram, West Bank – A signing ceremony has been held at the NGO Development Center (NDC) for the Cross-Sectoral Empowerment Grants with NGOs in the presence of NGO grantee representatives, the NDC Chair of the Board of Directors, Ms. Safaa Abu Assab and the NDC Director, Mr. Ghassan Kasabreh. For Gaza-based NGOs, signing arrangements will be made later. With a total value of $1,683648USD, five coordinated multi-sectoral projects will be implemented across the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

Three projects have been approved in the West Bank. The Land Research Center Association together with the Environmental Educational Center/The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and The Holy Land and the Beit Ula Cultural Center will undertake a project that supports the steadfastness and development of Al-Deir village suffocated by the Separation Wall in the Hebron governorate. The Mothers' School Society in partnership with the Palestinian Health Care Committees will seek to socio-economically empower vulnerable and marginalized families residing in villages south of Nablus. At the same time, Qader for Community Development will work together with the Psycho Social Counseling Center for Women and the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA), to promote the quality of life for the most marginalized women in Area C of the Bethlehem and Hebron Governorates.  



In Jerusalem, a project called ‘Jerusalem Ambassador’ which focuses on education, human rights and culture and arts will be implemented by Burj Al Luqluq Social Center Society, Al - Saraya Center for Community Service, and Palestine Vision.



Additionally, the Public Aid Society and Sawaed for Relief and Development will coordinate their efforts in the Gaza Strip to improve livelihoods of the 266 poorest families in east Gaza.

This grant window enables NGOs to adopt a multi-sectoral approach and coordinate their efforts to more holistically provide the most vulnerable Palestinians in un-served and under-served areas with quality services. The aim is to improve reach, scope and quality of services in East Jerusalem, Gaza and in-and around Area C of the West Bank where current movement and access restrictions make it difficult for the Palestinian Authority to operate.



The Cross-Sectoral Empowerment Grants is a component of the $5 million USD Additional Financing for the Palestinian NGO project IV (PNGO IV), funded by the World Bank for the next three years. The objective is to provide social services through NGOs to those who are poor, vulnerable or marginalized and to strengthen institutional capacity of these NGOS.