The NGO Development Center holds four workshops to inform NGOs of the World Bank funded Additional Financing for Palestinian NGO-IV Project | NDC

The NGO Development Center holds four workshops to inform NGOs of the World Bank funded Additional Financing for Palestinian NGO-IV Project

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Sep 5 2013
West Bank – Gaza- NDC is proud to announce the proceeding of its effort to develop the capacity of NGOs with an additional funding of five million USD from the World Bank for the duration of the next three years. Four information sessions have been held in the preceding week to introduce the objectives, procedures and guidelines with an impressive number of 272 NGOs and 335 people attending across Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus and Gaza.

This is the first step taken to prepare organizations in the run up to the announcement and call for the submission of proposals. The project aims to continue the provision of social services to the most vulnerable Palestinians residing in un-served and underserved areas in the occupied Palestinian Territory. Restrictions of movement and access to basic services are still prevalent and therefore the provision of social services through NGOs and community based organizations fill a gap by complementing governmental efforts. The Project has three components- a) Grant making to NGOs for social service delivery; b) Strengthening the capacity of the NGO sector; and c) Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. 


All sessions started by welcoming the guests with a brief description on NDC’s role as a mechanism specializing in the provision of grants, technical assistance and capacity building to NGOs and the NGO sector. The two types of grants offered for the provision of social services were introduced. One for NGOs to individually implement projects and one for cross-sectoral efforts of between a minimum of two and maximum of five NGOs to submit joint proposals for coordinated projects. 


As affirmed by Ghassan Kasabreh, “this gives the attending NGOs a head start and the opportunity to begin thinking of and formulating their projects as well as start forming partners”.


The grantees will further receive on-the-job coaching and technical assistance to promote and facilitate transparency and accountability towards Palestinian communities. The goal is to enhance complementarities with the Palestinian Authority while strengthening NGO good governance practices through the implementation of the Code of Conduct Compliance system. Furthermore, NDC will provide grants to the four NGO Umbrella Networks to raise awareness on Code of Conduct Compliance and encourage network members to complete the Code of Conduct self-assessments and apply for validation, accreditation and NDC technical assistance. 


While previous PNGO projects have introduced and promoted a culture of cooperation and information sharing, the Additional Financing will aid the sector in becoming more responsive to the needs of Palestinian society in a transparent and credible manner. 


For more information please see PowerPoint presentation in Arabic: