General Assembly | NDC

General Assembly

NDC is governed by a General Assembly comprised of 25 members covering the public, private and civil society sectors and diverse Palestinian communities. The General Assembly includes representatives from the four main NGO Umbrella Networks and Unions and elects the Board of Directors once every three years.


  1. Issam Al-Arouri
  2. Mohammad Hassassneh
  3. Dr. Aed Mahmoud Yaghi
  4. Sa’ed Ghoul
  5. Mua’tasem Zaied
  6. Ramzi Odeh
  7. Fahmi Shalaldeh
  8. Irsan Ibrahim
  9. Fatmeh Abo kateh
  10. Mohammad Munzer Al-Rayyes
  11. Imad Abed
  12. Noura Abu-Shaweesh
  13. Dr. Mamdouh Al-Aker
  14. Hisham Qaddoumi
  15. Dr. Suleiman Al-Khalil
  16. Fahmi Siam
  17. Dr. Safaa Abu-Assab
  18. Salah Saqqa
  19. Abdel-Karim Ashour
  20. Zahi Khouri
  21. Dr. Ismail Al-Zabri
  22. Hiba Tantash
  23. Dr. Varsen Shaheen
  24. Constantine Dabbagh
  25. Dr. Suhail Al – Qishawi