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Gaza Emergency "Cash for Work and Self-Employment Support" Project


Gaza Emergency "Cash for Work and Self-Employment Support"Project

Proposed Development Objective(s)

To provide target youth in Gaza with short-term income support and increased access to internet-enabled self-employment opportunities


Project Components

Component 1: Cash for Work (C4W) (US$ 12.5 million)

This component will support the financing of C4W opportunities for target youth in services provided by NGOs across the Gaza Strip. Services will include support to economic livelihoods (e.g. enhancements to agricultural and fishing activities) and social services (e.g. health, education, support to disabled and elderly and psychosocial support).


Component 2: Internet-enabled self-employment (e-work) (estimated cost: US$ 3 million)

This component will finance support for target youth to become e-workers/online freelancers. The type of e-work to be supported by the project includes complex tasks (e.g. software development, graphic design, media production, content development, website design, animations, e-marketing, translation), and more simple tasks (e.g. labelling photos or videos, describing products, transcribing scanned documents, data gathering, answering calls). These tasks are linked to larger projects through online networks and platforms at the regional and global levels. Online freelancers can work on their own or as part of local freelancing companies.


Component 3: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (estimated cost: US$ 1.5 million)

This component will finance the costs of project management and monitoring incurred by the PIA: the NGO Development Center (NDC). More specifically, it will finance (i) the preparation of the POM, guidelines and outreach material for NGOs providing C4W services and not-for-profit organizations providing support to e-work; (ii) outreach activities; (iii) call for proposals; (iv) evaluation and selection of proposals; (v) assistance to selected NGOs and not-for-profit organizations in the identification of target youth and the validation of eligibility information; (vi) supervision and audit of selected sub-projects; and (vii) monitoring and evaluation of the project against PDO-level and intermediate indicators.