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The Union of Agricultural Work Committees

Mariam Abed Hasan Zbeidat : “Thanks to God and to you UAWC, this project has taken place and is working. God willing, we won’t need settlement work anymore.” Mariam Abed Hasan Zbeidat is a fifty one year old mother of three and lives in Al Zbeidat village. Following her divorce she became solely responsible for taking care of her family. This strenuous task is made harder by the social conditions of the Jordan Valley within which Al Zbeidat village is located. This is an extremely isolated region of the West Bank and continues to suffer from land appropriation by the Israeli authorities and a total lack of social services. The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) was founded in 1986 in response the economic and social fragility suffered by farmers following an increase in the occupation of land and diversion of water sources. UAWC provide a technical response to agricultural deficiencies and a socio-economic response to poverty.

Mother School Society

The Mothers School Society in Nablus was established in 1999 to provide education to dozens of mothers who have no access to education. Focusing on adult literacy, health education, civic education and vocational skills, the Mothers School Society is empowering mothers in marginalized and rural areas. The society’s projects specifically respond to the absence of resources for women who are expected to manage the home whilst fathers are working.

Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

“I became a strong person challenging anyone who stands in the way of my future. So my aspiration is this: to become a well-known musician and trainer on a world-class level” Bara’a Assi is a viola player from Qarawet Bani Hassan village in Nablus Governorate. At just seventeen years of age she has challenged the restrictions of her social environment and committed herself to excelling as a musician.