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The Palestinian NGO Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Coalition engaged over 200 NGOs in the process of building consensus and developing a draft Code and the Coalition for Integrity and Accountability (AMAN) revised the final draft. Yet, NDC on February 28, 2008 conducted a singing ceremony in which over 400 NGOs from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, representing a wide range of sectors, attended the ceremony and singed the Code of Conduct. 


Moreover, NDC will provide Technical Assistance (TA) to around 100 NGOs that singed the code; this program aims to strengthen the NGOs capacity as to comply with the code of conduct principles. . For this propose NDC launched two TA approaches, one is conducting five training sessions in the West Bank and Gaza on Transparency and Accountability that were implemented by AMAN during the first half of 2008. The second one is the Coaching Technical Assistance program which will include conducting organizational needs assessments and preparation of development plans. NDC also awarded 50 NGOs in the West Bank & Gaza to provide them with the proper coaching and assistance in the implementation of the development plans. 


In addition, NDC developed a Resource Kit that will include manuals and guidelines and assessment tools that will be used to asses NGOs compliance with the Code and to establish baseline. the manuals and guidelines will serve as a reference to NGOs that are willing to comply with the code of conduct principles. The resource kit includes the following manuals:


1. Management Manual (Finance, Administration, Human Resources and procurement)

2. Strategic planning manual

3. Board Manual

4. Participatory Monitoring and evaluation Guideline

5. Dedication to socio economic priorities guidelines

6. Laws and international convention related to NGOs

(USD 600,000)

The Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct is the standard for the ethical and work behavioral patterns within the framework of the functioning of NGOs. It specifies the ground rules needed to be observed by the Board, administration and staff while fulfilling their tasks. NDC facilitated the formation of the Code of Conduct Coalition comprised of the four NGO Umbrella Networks and Unions, (the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), the Palestinian National Institute of NGOs (PNIN), the Palestinian General Union of Charitable Societies, and the General Palestinian Union for NGOs in Gaza). NDC plays the role of the Coalition’s secretariat. Throughout PNGOIII, NDC worked on the preparation and implementation of the NGO Code of Conduct with an emphasis on accountability, transparency and governance.