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Mrs. Insaf supports a family of 10, living in a house of two rooms. The financial situation of the family is very dire, as her husband suffers from loss of vision due to diabetes and is unable to work. The closures imposed on the Gaza Strip and the lack of a steady income further exacerbates the living situation of Mrs. Insaf and her family.
Beit Skarya, home to about 600 Palestinians, gets easily omitted amongst the twelve surrounding Israeli settlements that make up the Gush Etzion settlement complex near Bethlehem. The sensitive location of Beit Skarya makes it subject to many constraints and obstacles typical of Palestinian villages located in Area C of the West Bank. These villages have limited access to education and health services, and are exposed to inadequate public service infrastructure and water scarcity due to restrictive planning and permitting processes, closure obstacles, restrictions of movement, and settler violence. These are all characteristics of Beit Skarya.
Welcome to the NGO Development Center’s first success story publication: Success Palestine. We felt that the summer was a perfect opportunity to take stock of the fantastic contribution of our partners to Palestinian society; and share with all friends of NDC the magnificent work that NGOs do for communities throughout Palestine. In this publication you will find a selection of six individual success stories. These short articles demonstrate the power of community empowerment whether saving the life of a child, providing marginalized children with education or contributing to a more environmentally healthy Palestine.
As part of a commitment to NGO sector development in Palestine, the NGO Development Center (NDC) has been supporting NGO networks since 2007. These networks provide organizations with a space to share expertise and experiences. Thematic networks ensure that specific issues within Palestinian society are not lost in the duplication of campaigns and services. PENGON, in its role as Friends of the Earth Palestine, coordinates the work of environmental organizations throughout the oPt and sheds light on environmental injustices in Palestinian communities. Whilst individual environmental organizations are hugely effective in delivering projects, PENGON works to maximize the impact of these organizations as a cohesive voice.
In an effort to promote knowledge sharing, collaboration and coordination among Palestinian umbrella NGO networks, NDC is currently providing support and technical assistance to four organizations. Additionally, NDC has supported four thematic NGO networks, representing various sectors namely, youth, livestock, environment and culture. All eight beneficiary NGOs signed grant implementation agreements (GIAs) with NDC and received capacity building interventions. Through this program, NDC aims to enhance the capacities of networks along with that of their members so as to strengthen and sustain the services they provide to the community. NDC’s support includes developing websites, appointing coordinators to manage programs, developing strategic plans and conducting training sessions for network members in areas such as project management, proposal writing, methods in designing youth programs, etc.