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Research on tracking donor funds to Palestinian NGOs.

NDC carried out research to document key data related to the NGO sector. In particular, it tracks and analyzes information related to financing coming from different types of donors-multilateral, bilateral, etc and for what sectors.

Promoting Cooperation between NGOs and the Private Sector

This research explored how NGOs and the private sector may collaborate. It examined the legal and institutional constraints to such collaboration and provided policy recommendations for addressing issues such as (e.g., advocacy for tax exemptions to private sector contributions for NGOs, etc.).

The Palestinian NGO Code of Conduct
(USD 600,000)

The Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct is the standard for the ethical and work behavioral patterns within the framework of the functioning of NGOs. It specifies the ground rules needed to be observed by the Board, administration and staff while fulfilling their tasks. NDC facilitated the formation of the Code of Conduct Coalition comprised of the four NGO Umbrella Networks and Unions, (the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), the Palestinian National Institute of NGOs (PNIN), the Palestinian General Union of Charitable Societies, and the General Palestinian Union for NGOs in Gaza). NDC plays the role of the Coalition’s secretariat. Throughout PNGOIII, NDC worked on the preparation and implementation of the NGO Code of Conduct with an emphasis on accountability, transparency and governance.

Sector Coordination and Information Exchange
(US$0.29 million)

This component included two activities:

1. Support to Umbrella NGO Networks: NDC provided support to the existing four Umbrella NGO Networks representing over one thousand NGOs and promoted knowledge sharing, collaboration and coordination among their members.

2. Support to Thematic NGO Networks: After the completion of the prequalification and selection process, NDC supported four thematic NGO Networks representing the following sectors, youth, livestock, environment, and culture. Those NGOs singed Grants Implementation Agreements (GIAs) with NDC.