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In the past year, NDC has increased its funding disbursements, signed additional grant agreements with 43 NGOs and continued to pursue innovative approaches to project implementation and sector development. Innovation in both service delivery and the structure of development processes underpins the philosophy of NDC. Our commitment to supporting the most vulnerable Palestinian communities whilst constantly striving to challenge our own instincts and accepted modes of activity ensures that NDC remains a unique and vibrant part of the Palestinian NGO community.


Despite the difficult political context, our NGO and community support continues to rise. The generosity of our donors is encouraging and gives us full confidence to continue all our programs in Palestine and has strengthened our impact, particularly in grant making and NGO sector development. We know that these same donors join us in being very proud of NDC’s efforts to be a main mechanism of aid towards NGOs.


Over the past twelve months, we have hurtled from an incursion in Gaza to a global economic crisis and now to what is likely to be a defacto isolation and fragmentation of Palestinian land and families, exacerbated by Israel’s increasing grip on Jerusalem, with the daily land confiscations and house demolitions that this generates.


In 2008, NDC worked with more than 180 local NGOs to help their communities in which hundreds of thousands of people live. It also helped introduce the Palestinian NGOs Code of Conduct that has so far been signed by more than 500 NGOs in order to enhance accountability, transparency and governance standards in the NGO sector.


NDC took great strides towards building a more capable and responsive NGO Sector this past year. On February 2, 2007, during a formal signing ceremony held under the patronage of President Mahmoud Abbas, Dr. Atalah Kuttab/Welfare Association Director General, and Mr. Juan Jose Daboub/World Bank Signatory, NDC was delegated the responsibility of implementing the Palestinian NGOIII Project (PNGO III) on behalf of the Welfare Association. Through PNGO III, NDC will mobilize $18.7 million in donor funding ($10 million from the World Bank and $8.7 million (equivalent to € 6 million) from the
Agence Française de Dévéloppement (AFD) (over the course of three years) towards the NGO sector in the form of granting schemes and capacity building aimed at improving the effectiveness, self-reliance and sustainability of civil society. NDC has also received funds from the Welfare Association, the mother organization, to help incur running costs, along with a grant from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) for an amount of $ 280,000.