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Despite all the difficulties that Palestine faced during the last year, the NGO Development Center-NDC was able to realize significant achievements both at the grant-making level and capacity-building programs. NDC was able to gain the trust of donor partners and strengthen partnership with them. This is apparent in the UN Women decision to provide a second round of funding to NDC. It was also evident in the new partnership with OCHA for the implementation of two projects in the Gaza Strip.
We also continued our efforts to assist NGOs to better comply with the principles of the Code of Conduct. Through a contract with Save the Children, we provided technical assistance and issued Code of Conduct compliance certificates to a number of NGOs.



The year 2016 was characterized by new partnerships that were forged that focused primarily on building the capacities of Palestinian NGOs. NDC implemented several new projects including a project to build capacities of CBOs in refugee camps in partnership with UNRWA. NDC also implemented a project titled “Men and women for gender equality” in partnership with UN Women. NDC partnerships extended to the Arab world where NDC carried out a regional study titled “Plans for enhancing social accountability in the Arab World” for ANSA- Arab Network for Social Responsibility in the Arab world.  



The NGO Development Center (NDC) is a Palestinian non-profit, non-governmental organization supporting Palestinian NGOs and their representative entities to more effectively respond to the needs of the most disadvantaged groups in Palestinian society. Through the provision of financial and technical support as well as the development of value systems that promote principles of social justice, integrity and transparency, NDC contributes to the achievement of development priorities and the realization of an effective and sustainable civil society in the State of Palestine. 



The NGO Development Center (NDC) has made momentous strides in empowering Palestinians by Palestinians throughout 2014. Both our grant-making and sector development programs were expanded to address NGO sector needs in innovative and effective ways. Building on our successes, NDC continues to represent a leading institution in the Palestinian NGO sector.

In 2014, NDC concluded the second phase of the Human Rights/Good Governance program, which over the course of 6 years provided NGOs in the human rights and good governance sectors with crucial support, both financial and technical.



In 2013, we witnessed our commitments and efforts bear fruit on many fronts. While grant making and sector development remain the core of our work, there are a number of achievements and aspects that we would like to devote special attention to. 2013 was the closing year for the Forth Palestinian NGO Project (PNGO IV) with most components ending as planned.


2012 was a year of innovation for NDC. We launched a new funding mechanism that supports  innovative approaches to development within the Palestinian NGO sector, and implemented an  ambitious targeted capacity-building program, which assisted 77 NGOs. NDC also maintained its  commitment to encouraging precedent-setting impact within the NGO sector. The Palestinian NGO Strategic Framework, initiated by NDC in partnership with the four Palestinian NGO Networks was developed following extensive consultation with the private and public sectors, NGOs, academia, and the general public


In the past year, NDC has increased its funding disbursements, signed additional grant agreements with 43 NGOs and continued to pursue innovative approaches to project implementation and sector development. Innovation in both service delivery and the structure of development processes underpins the philosophy of NDC. Our commitment to supporting the most vulnerable Palestinian communities whilst constantly striving to challenge our own instincts and accepted modes of activity ensures that NDC remains a unique and vibrant part of the Palestinian NGO community.