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Component 1: Grants for Social Service Delivery
5 Million
The NGO Grants for Social Service Delivery component will provide four different types of sub-grants to NGOs, focusing on sub-sectors and themes where NGOs have a comparative advantage.
Innovation Grants
(125,480 USD)
This is a particularly exciting funding mechanism that supports non-traditional approaches that show a heightened potential for success and precedent-setting impact. NDC strongly believes that development must be proactive and innovative in responding to the myriad challenges facing Palestinian society. These projects represent the future of development in Palestine – ever rooted in the community, and consistently pushing the boundaries of conceived wisdom and best practice.
Mentoring Partnership Grants (USD 2.2 M)
(USD 2.2 M)
These grants are designed to create partnerships between community-based NGOs of limited experience with leading experienced NGOs operating on a national scale. These partner NGOs will be able to improve the quality and effectiveness of their services by learning from the professionalized mentor NGO in areas such as project management. Partner NGOs will benefit from greater access to funds and from closer interaction with competent and experience NGOs.
Empowerment Grants (USD 2.6 M)
(USD 2.6 M)
Empowerment Grants support experienced NGOs in providing innovative social services to poor and marginalized communities in dire need, to help them cope with the current crisis. These grants also build the capacity of NGOs to empower communities through particiory needs identification and project implementation. NGOs must have demonstrated experience and results in the proposed service sector and location of assistance.