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NDC Signs GIAs with Seven NGOs Working in the Field of Human Rights and Good Governance (HR/GG)
On Thursday February 23rd 2012, the Human Rights and Good Governance Secretariat signed Grant Implementation Agreements (GIAs) with seven NGOs working in the field of human rights and good governance in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt). Totaling US$1,215,000, these Core Funding grants will contribute greatly to the protection and promotion of human rights throughout Palestine. In July 2008, several European donors – namely Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands – entrusted the NGO Development Center (NDC) with the establishment and management of the Human Rights and Good Governance (HR/GG) Secretariat. The HR/GG Secretariat provides a mechanism to more effectively manage the donors’ long-standing commitment to human rights and good governance. What’s more, financial and technical assistance can now be more effectively channeled through a permanent secretariat structure dedicated to supporting the HR/GG sector.