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PNGOIV-AF has been designed to: (i) deliver key social services through NGOs to poor and vulnerable Palestinians in un-served and underserved geographical areas, where the PA has difficulties operating; (ii) continue support to strengthening of the capacity of the NGO sector; and (iii) strengthen project management and monitoring and evaluation. It contributes towards institutional development of the NGO sector by strengthening its capacity to manage  project implementation issues such as, good governance, accountability and transparency, while being responsive to the needs of Palestinians, especially those who are poor and vulnerable and marginalized by ensuring equity in access to essential social services. Building the capacity of Palestinian NGOs will provide the basis for long-term sustainability in the provision of essential social services. 

The total project costs have been estimated at approximately US$5.00 million from the World Bank.

The project objective is: “to provide social services through NGOs to those who are poor, vulnerable or marginalized and to strengthen the institutional capacity of these NGOs.”    


Project components:

The PNGO IV AF has three main components:

(a) Grant making to NGOs for social service delivery;

(b) Strengthening the capacity of the NGO sector; 

(c) Project Management.