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The Palestinian NGO-IV Project Additional Financing (PNGOIV-AF)


Relevant Studies: 


Atlas of Poverty in the State of Palestine

the Poverty Atlas is considered one of the unique and exclusive statistical projects that PCBS has conducted for the first time. This atlas secures detailed information on poverty indicators on the locality level represented in maps that demonstrate clearly the poverty levels of each locality where policy and decision makers can draw policies, draft development plans and initiate social protection networks for the Palestinian localities.



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The Palestinian National Program for Social Protection

"Cash Transfer Program"

The Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) endeavours to socially protect Palestinian poor and marginalized groups through one national program, namely, the "Palestinian National Program for Social Protection".  This strategic direction of the Ministry stems from its vision of a socially protected population over years to come. The Cash Transfer Program, the theme of this strategy document, comes on top of the components of the Social Protection Program and includes supplementary socio-economic interventions, and aimed to enable the poor to adapt, to better manage risks and to participate in the overall development processes. This document presents the MoSA's strategy for the unification of the Ministry's main cash assistance (cash transfers) programs only.  It was developed through participatory and partnership approaches for relevance to the Palestinian situation and commensurate with MoSA's strategic goals.


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Environmental and Social Management Framework

Palestinian NGO IV Project – Additional Financing

The Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) presents the environmental and social criteria for screening the subprojects of PNGO IV-AF against the potential environmental and social impacts. It also gives detail guidelines for proper assessment, mitigating, and monitoring of possible potential impacts.

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National plans and programs

For National plans and programs, please refer to MOPAD website.


Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations:

List of Palestinian NGOs (members of the Palestinian NGO Portal) distributed by sector and geographic locations. To view the list, please click here