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The Closing Ceremony for the Third Palestinian NGO Project (PNGOIII)
Palestinian NGOs have been delivering social services complementary to those provided by the Palestinian authority (PA) and in the marginalized areas where it is normally hard for public services to reach within this political situation and restriction of movement and access- especially that the Palestinian Authority cannot operate in East Jerusalem and Gaza. Thus, NGOs provide social services to those areas in particular.
NDC‘s Human Rights and Good Governance Secretariat Managed on Behalf of Four European Donors:Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands
Established in 2006 as an independent non-profit nongovernmental organization, the NGO Development Center (NDC) provides financial and technical support to NGOs through its various programs and grant-making schemes. The Human Rights and Good Governance (HR/GG) Secretariat is one of NDC’s main programs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt). In July 2008, four European donors (Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands) and following a bidding process, entrusted NDC with the establishment and management of the Human Rights and Good Governance Secretariat. The funding which comes solely from the four donors is a continuation of the donors support to the sector. It aims to harmonize and channel financial and technical assistance in a transparent and effective manner through a joint donor funding mechanism, the Secretariat. The grant component of the HR/GG program targets Palestinian and Israeli NGOs which promote, support, protect, and monitor the observance of human rights and good governance in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). NGOs that receive funding are selected competitively based on advertised eligibility criteria and guidelines set by the donors, and following a rigorous and detailed appraisal and selection process. The final decision on all matters relating to the Secretariat lies with the donors.
Denmark signs a USD 4.6 million with NDC to support Human Rights and Good Governance Secretariat
The Danish Government joined on Monday Dec. 6, the Human Rights and Good Governance Secretariat that the NGO Development Center (NDC) is managing, by signing a funding agreement with the NDC for USD 4.6 million. By signing this agreement, the total funding for the second phase of the Secretariat which continues until June 2013, reaches USD 16.2 million. Denmark is a founding member in the first phase of the Secretariat which was established in 2008, and joined today beside Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden.
Half a million Dollars to Support Human Rights and Good Governance Sector
NGO Development Center (NDC) signed today, Nov. 30, 2010, in its offices in Al-Ram and Gaza, funding agreements totaled half a million US dollars for the benefit of 13 NGOs working in the human rights and good governance sector in the occupied Palestinian territories. The funding is part of the Small Grants Facility (SGF) of the Human Rights and Governance Secretariat which the NDC administers. The SGF is considered complementary to the core funding program of the Secretariat.
NGO Development Center Organized an Event to Draw Prizes for the Second Competition on the NGO Sector
The NGO Development Center (NDC) held an event in its offices in Al-Ram and Gaza on Thursday, October 4, 2010 to draw prizes for the second competition on the NGO sector, which the center has organized in Ramadan through its Palestinian Portal "Masader". Mr. Sadeq Farwana, General Manager of Al-Wasata Company for Securities Exchange, and Mr. Suliman Al Radwan, Deputy Director, in Gaza, attended the prize drawing together with the NDC’s staff of both Gaza and Al-Ram.
NDC Signs a Euro 5 Million Financing Agreement with the AFD
On Tuesday, September 7, 2010, the NGO Development Center (NDC) signed a financing agreement with the French Development Agency (AFD) for a total amount of Euro 5 Million over a period of four years. The signing ceremony took place at the NGO Development Center in Alram. The agreement was signed by Mr. Herve Conan, the Country Director of the AFD, Mr. Ghassan Kasabreh, NDC Director, and by his Excellency the Consul General of France in Jerusalem , Mr. Frederic Desagneaux.
Corporate Social Responsibility and Palestinian Civil Society: Potential Cooperation
Corporate Social Responsibility and Palestinian Civil Society: Potential Cooperation By NGO Development Center/NDC Worldwide, it is becoming very clear that direct impact of new technology, current demographic trends, climatic change, and general global health issues are all creating a new environment with new forms of risks that directly affect the work of governments, civil society, and the private sector.i Therefore, multi-stakeholder collaborations and the engagement of the private sector have become very important for finding proper holistic and sustainable solutions to communities’ problems. This implies that community empowerment means that all people should work together, including within the private sector, in order to make life better. It involves more people being able to influence decisions about their communities, and more people taking responsibility for tackling local problems, rather than expecting others to do so. Other factors that have motivated increased interest in private-sector partnerships include a growing concern with the effectiveness of traditional development approaches, recognition of the impact of globalisation and the increase of private capital flows into the developing world, and appreciation of the unique potential contribution of the private sector. This means that the business case for investing in development, with mutual benefits accruing when communities become development partners rather than passive recipients of philanthropy, has become ever more persuasive.ii On the other hand, and on the global level, Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number eight also calls for a global partnership for development with specific references to the engagement of the private sector. In 2002, the World Economic Forum (WEF) launched a Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative that organised and mobilised its 1,000 corporate members around various development challenges. All of this has contributed to increasing the momentum toward corporate social responsibility (CSR).
World Bank Extends PNGO III Project
The World Bank extends for fifteen months the NDC PNGO III Programme. Whereby, NDC will continue directing the funding towards the NGO sector in the form of granting schemes and capacity building aimed at improving the effectiveness, self-reliance and sustainability of civil society over a period of two years (2009 – 2011).
The NGO Development Center signs a grant agreement with Adala Legal Center
On Saturday 15/8/09, the NGO Development Center, NDC, signed a grant agreement with Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel for a total of USD 25,000. The grant came as a part of the Human Rights and Good Governance project that NDC is managing. This project is funded by four European states, namely Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden . By the agreement, Adalah will implement a two phase project that lasts until the end of 2009.
The HRGG Secretariat of NDC Holds the First Discussion of the HRGG Forum
On Wednesday, June 10, 2009, the NGO Development Center (NDC), the Human Rights and Good Governance (HRGG) Secretariat, held the first discussion meeting of the HRGG Forum. The event took place at the Palestine Red Crescent Society in Al Bireh, Ramallah. The forum was attended by more than 30 NGOs operating in the Palestinian Occupied Territories (oPt) and representatives of donor countries.