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Mr. Khouri serves as Board Member of Palestine Development & Investment Co (Padico), the largest Palestinian holding Co. Mr. Khouri was an Executive Board Member of the Olayan Group in Saudi-Arabia and NY for over 20 years. He also holds a number of civic positions among others, the Chairman of NGO Development Center (NDC) in Jerusalem, the Palestine Business Committee for Peace and Reform (PBC) in Washington, the Carter Advisory body in Palestine and Chairman of the local chapter of Partners for New Beginning (PNB). Mr. Khouri received an M.B.A. from the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), Fontainebleau, France and an M.Sc. in Engineering from the Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart, Germany. He ended his high school studies at the IC in Beirut, Lebanon.

Mr. Ashour has served as the vice chair since 2006. He holds a B.Sc in Economics from the University of Halwan, Egypt. Working since 1982 with the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, he is currently its Deputy Director General and is responsible for the overall oversight of its programs and projects in the Gaza Strip. Mr. Ashour has attended numerous courses locally and abroad on networking, strategy planning, and management. He has also participated in regional workshops on agriculture, civil society and human resources. Mr. Ashour is board member of various NGOs such as the Arab Thought Forum, FATEN, and the Palestine Export Council. He is also member of the Advisory Committee for the Human Resources Development and a member of the Palestinian team for poverty alleviation. Mr. Ashour’s strengths lie in his leadership skills, capacity building, and networking with the local NGOs.

Ms.  Safa' Abu Assab is working at Diakonia, a Swedish International Development Organization, as Program Manager for Palestine Civil Society Development Program and also as a focal point for Conflict and Justice thematic area of work in the Middle East region. She has been working in the field of development in Palestine for the past 11 years.   

Mrs. Shawa is a member of various local NGOs, and councils working on issues related to human rights, poverty alleviation and civil society. She is currently chairing the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees and a member in the Palestinian Commission for Human Rights. Mrs. Shawa’s main strengths lie in her strong leadership skills, advocacy and critical thinking.

Mr. Hisham Qaddumi was involved in developing national and regional plans for the country and served as the Head of the Technical Office working in the design and construction management of a large number of prestigious projects that continue to be outstanding architectural landmarks in Qatar such as the Sheraton Hotel. He gained extensive expertise during his employment with Brown & Root where he worked on the development and application of computerization of engineering processes at the company. Mr. Qaddumi is also founder of several companies. His strengths lie in his excellent business and computer skills. 

In addition to executive leadership, Mr. Sakka is well-versed in the daily operations of programs including financial management, personnel management, field assessment, sub-grant management, program evaluation, and reporting. He has extensive experience representing organizations in volatile environments including building fruitful and positive relationships He has successfully managed USAID grants in Gaza Strip.  He has demonstrated experience in diverse geographic, cultural and political settings. Mr. Sakka brings a strong architectural/engineering background (B.Arch., 1972; architectural practice, 1973–2002) to his community development practice. He presently owns and operates his own architectural design and construction firm and has previous expert witness experience 

 Voluntary work includes chairing the Agricultural Engineers Committee and the Board of Arab Agricultural Engineers’ Association, and being a member of the following: Mennonite Committee for Assistance, Citrus Producers’ Union Association, Cooperative Association for Citrus Marketing, Palestinian National Council, Higher Council of General Union of Palestinian Engineers, and many others. Mr. Al Rayyes has attended various local and international courses on management and development. His strengths lie in his networking skills.

Mr. Issam Aruri is the General Director of Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, and a founding member of The Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO); which is a coalition of 132 Palestinian civil society organizations that work on different developmental and humanitarian sectors. Graduated from Bir Zeit University, and holds a master's degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Prior to his current job, he filled several posts in different Civil Society Organizations. At the beginning of the eighties, he was active in establishing Civil Society Organizations and other public frameworks.  He is a founding member of the Palestinian Human Rights Council, Civic Coalition for the Defense of Jerusalemites and Coalition for the Monitoring of Public Freedoms. He is a BOD member of NGO Development Center’s (NDC), and the Chairman of The Agricultural Relief Committee’s (PARC) Board of Directors.

Dr. Suleiman serves as the Board’s Secretary and represents PNIN, the Palestine National Institute for NGOs. He holds a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and is currently the Director of the Scientific Research Center, as well as being an Associate Professor in An-Najah University, a position he has held for the last 21 years. Voluntary work includes being the Chairman of the Patients Friends Society in Tulkarem and the Chairman of Khadoury Friends’ Society. His strengths lie in public relations, fundraising, and communication.