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(US 154,000)
The Beit Ula Cultural center focuses on empowering children and youth through social and educational resources. Throughout the project they implemented extracurricular activities for children and youth with special needs, held two summer camps, and provided psycho-social support for children and adults of both genders.
(US 92,000)
The Project Loving Care Society works with women and youth in East Jerusalem. They provided vocational training for women and extracurricular computer and library classes for youth. They were also able to provide training to teachers.
(US 152,000)
In addition to over 700 classes in Arabic, English and Math for young mothers, the Mother's School Society conducted psychological and social counselling sessions with women, held 12 summer camps for children and was able to provide additional training for their staff.
(US 190,000)
Through the grant from NDC the Patient's Friends Society was able to equip an ICU Unit and provide incubators for the Maternity Ward, as well as additional beds for Al-Amal Hospital in Jenin.
(US 143,000)
The Elderly Home Charitable Society works with elderly in Jenin, particularly in the areas affected by the wall. Through the grant from NDC they were able to implement over 700 sessions of therapeutic activities with elderly, train two staff members and hold four community events.
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A pilot scheme, these grants encourage partnerships between municipalities and locally-based NGOs to improve services to the four poorest governorates. NGOs and municipalities will carry out joint activities that address community priorities in areas such as early childhood development, and adult learning. The municipality will undertake small rehabilitation/construction projects that enable and support the NGO’s programming activities.
Financial Contribution
As a leading Palestinian non-governmental development organization, the Welfare Association is dedicated to making a distinguished contribution toward furthering the progress of the Palestinians, preserving their heritage and identity, supporting their living culture and building civil society. It aims to achieve these goals by methodically identifying Palestinian needs and priorities and establishing sound mechanisms to maximize benefits from the available funding resources.