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(US 30,000)
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) worked with residents of Beit Skarya to implement female empowerment initiatives focusing on vocational and life skills training and provided psychosocial interventions in addition to micro-finance support.
(US 100,000)
Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation assisted residents in Beit Skarya to renovate their houses which were in such bad shape they were causing health concerns. Ten houses were rehabilitated through the project.
(US 44,000)
Elia Association for Youth worked with youth to develop the economy of Jerusalem through the use of media.
(US 37,970)
Al-Malath Charitable Society created a Snoezelen room,  or controlled multisensory environment (MSE) which is a therapy for people with autism or developmental disabilities. They also provided training for occupational and physical therapists. The project supported occupational theraby sessions and other treatments for patients.
(US 43,520)
Al-Sadeel Society for Palliative Care for Cancer Patients provided education and training for cancer patients, their families and professionals. The Society also developed survival support groups and held activities on cancer day and Palliative care day.
(US 449,000)
The Palestinian Hydrology Group worked with community based organizations to improve the basic drinking water supply and sanitation. PHG also provided education an dtraining in envrionmental management, waste management, water supply and sanitation.
(US 386,000)
The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC) provided capacity building for six community based organizations to improve their organizational management. Through the mentoring grant PARC provided livestock to poor families in the Hebron Governorate to improve the income of the families. The families were trained in how to care for the sheep, and how to market the products. PARC also established a platform for exchanging experiences among livestock cooperatives.
(US 422,000)
The Youth Development Department of the Arab Studies Society provided mentorship for community centers to improve the programs offered. The Department engaged in a variety of activities ranging from computer and academic skills, to home gardening and food industry, to summer camps, language classes, artistic and cultural workshops which included handicrafts, storytelling, writing and more. In addition a youth parliament was established and youth seminars were helod on several different topics.
(US 500,000)
The Ma'an Development Center established a project Preparing Todays Youth for Tomorrow. The Center mentored 8 different community based organizations that work with youth in the West Bank. The scope of the project included establishing libraries, computer labs, sports premises, youth clubs in addition to providing training for youth and for youth leaders.
(US 125,000)
The Palestinian Al Nakhil Association for Progress and Development works at reclaiming agricultural land that was destroyed in Khan Younis. Through the project the Association installed irrigation pipelines and plannted fruit and vegetable seedlings.